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Balustrade Group

Style # Description* Price
A. 522 Classic Urn with Square Base, 22" high $77.25
B. 530 Balustrade Pedestal, 30" high $104.65
C. 534 Balustrade Pedestal Capital, 3" high $54.70
D. 548 Balustrade with Four Balusters, 48" x 30" $180.20
E. 549 Rounded Balustrade Corner with Two Balusters, 30" high $153.55

Call 888-724-1228 to order.

Balustrades are available in white, ivory, brownstone, sandstone, blackstone, millstone and granite and are offered in custom colors. White and ivory are ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor use. Black and stone effects are ideal for both indoor and long-term outdoor use.

  • Traditional balustrades mimic formal stonework to add formal elegance in traditional weddings, corporate events and studio photography.
  • Durable polyethylene construction won't chip, scratch or crack
  • Immune to water, ice, snow for indoor-outdoor placement
  • Lightweight for easy setup and breakdown by one person

For a smooth, modern look at your wedding, political gala, prom or other event, turn to our new, rounded balustrade corner. It connects seamlessly with our other balustrades and pedestals to create a shapely look with 21st century visual appeal.

Now you can make continuous balustrades with twists, turns and other configurations, limited only by your imagination.

Rounded balustrade group and colonnade for head table

This new brick balustrade for weddings and events comprises two, 26-inch high balusters and a four-foot long cross rail in our signature textured brick style that mimics the look and feel of natural brick and mortar yet is lightweight. Handling is easy and setup is fast by one person with no tools.

Style # Description* Price
F. 433 Brick Balustrade with dual Balusters, 26" high and Cross Rail 49" long $233.50
(in white)
G. 427 Brick Pedestal 27" high shown with #425 Brick Column Series Display Cap $136.85 + $55.70
(in white)

Call 888-724-1228 to order