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Country Garden Collection

These two-tier mini-fountains stand just 27 inches high for placement on tabletops at parties, on terraces and balconies and in backyards and gardens. Rotationally molded from 100% weatherproof polyethylene. Comes complete with pump and spray head. Just add water.
Style # Description* Price
A. 216 Swan Planter, 16" high $86.10
B. 352 Garden Bench, 52" long $234.25
C. 719 Small Rock, 19" x 11" x 10" $67.50
D. 733 Large Rock, 33" x 26" x 14" $107.00
E. 748 2 Tier Fountain w/ pump & spray head, 36" diam. x 48" tall. White standard, shown in granite and terra cotta colors, 10% extra $468.25
F. 725 Posing Rock, Heavy Duty; 24" x 13" x 19" $107.00
G. 727 Tabletop two-tier Fountain comes with pump.
Use as decor indoors and outdoors. Just 27" tall.
White is standard, granite and terra cotta add 10%.
(Terra Cotta)
H. 1013 13" Poly Ball
I. 1016 16" Poly Ball
J. 1024 24" Poly Ball
K. 721 Cirrus Planter Fountain stands 25.5" tall x 21.5 across $296.85
New Cirrus Planter Fountain creates a dazzling water light show for night time events, outdoor parties, landscape designs and attention-getting sets and visual displays. It features the acclaimed SplashDance fountain controller set within our waterproof, 25.5-inch tall Cirrus Planter (CP 21). You control how high the water leaps, how often it pulses and when it dances in time to music you select.

Comes complete with Cirrus Planter CP 21, pump and controller. Plugs into standard outlet.

These Poly Balls come in a choice of 16 different colors in three sizes: 13-, 16-, and 24-inch diameters. They are rotationally molded in one piece from 100 % weatherproof polyethylene for indoor/outdoor placement and long-term durability. Use in yard and garden displays, visual merchandising, as a photo prop and in any design or decor situation where colors and shapes impact the appearance.

Call 888-724-1228 to order!

All Country Garden pieces are available in white, ivory, brownstone, sandstone, blackstone, millstone and granite and are offered in custom colors. White and ivory are ideal for indoor and temporary outdoor use. Black and stone effects are ideal for both indoor and long-term outdoor use. White is standard. Other colors add 10% to the price.

Transform a lawn, park, banquet room or photo studio into a visually authentic country garden. Featured in Plastics Technology magazine, the Country Garden set creates a realistic setting yet is lightweight for easy movement.

  • Durable polyethylene construction won't chip, scratch or crack
  • Immune to water, ice, snow for indoor-outdoor placement for a single event or long-term use.