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Interior Designers

These floral bouquets set in urns atop pedestals brighten this physician's reception area. A 14-inch classic urn is set atop a classic series pedestal (foreground) and a 20-inch classic urn is set atop a classic fluted pedestal with square base.
Add luxurious visual appeal to any home. Create a classical Greek, earthy Italian or modern contemporary look in offices, lobbies, reception areas and other commercial or institution settings. These pedestals, columns, urns and accessories enable interior designers to promote smooth room-to-room traffic flow, establish visual balance and fill odd spaces and corners with elegant displays.
  • Lightweight for easy movement
  • Sturdy to securely hold vases, floral bouquets, plants, sculptures and more
  • Strikingly detailed to mimic ancient Mediterranean stonework
Just for you, we are offering the Interior Design Starter Pack. Featuring the essential tools that every ASID-certified or aspiring designer needs for a single project, the starter pack includes:
  • Pedestals in increasing elevations for foyers and empty spaces
  • Columns for rooms with high, volume ceilings
  • Risers for elevating bath soaps and accessories in model homes
  • Urns for floral bouquets, plants and potpourri
Interior Designer's Starter Pack
  • Classic Series 202, 203, 204; 206 x 3; 600 x 2
  • Classic Urns 312 x 3
  • Empire Series 812 x 2; 818 x 2
Starter Pack Price: $1,226.30

These two contemporary floor urns fill the empty corner with a soothingly smooth look that also displays fresh floral bouquets at eye level.
Floral urns set at floor level add warmth to this physical therapist's office.