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Keg Cooler

This innovative Keg Cooler keeps kegs of beer, soda, wine and other kegged beverages cool without requiring ice or electric chilling. Just slide open the top section, insert the chilled keg and CO2 tank, and snap the top section closed. Then roll it wherever it's needed and serve cool drinks at the built-in tap. When empty, the keg cooler is rolled to the next filled keg, unloaded and then reloaded by one person and then rolled back to the party, bar or onto a delivery truck. Carrying heavy kegs is virtually eliminated.

MOD engineers custom designed this keg cooler with a clever, double-walled, plastic containment system that is filled with insulating foam to keeps the temperature cool and the taste fresh, even at outdoor parties and events in warm weather. Now, keg quality drinks may be served in a neat, impressive presentation from a self-contained dispensing station instead of serving glass bottles and cans. No more messy ice bins and troughs, no more risk of broken glass. And cleanup is far easier and faster.

The Keg Cooler is rotationally molded of 100% waterproof, weatherproof polyethylene. Its rugged construction thrives in the punishing conditions of nightclub and bar operations and easily accommodates the frequent transportation and handling of party and event rentals.

To maintain the chilled temperature even longer, ice may be placed inside the keg cooler while a built-in drain with plug allows for easy water removal.

Comes fully assembled in one box by UPS with CO2 tank, regulator, spigot and hoses. CO2 tank is shipped empty ready for filling locally.

It even has a built-in cup holder tray at the tap to keep plastic cups ready.