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Lightable Furniture

Lightable chairs, cocktail tables and other furniture and décor create a dazzling, new look and style for clubs, restaurants, parties, events or even your backyard. This new line of glowing, decorative furnishings and fixtures comprises lighted cubes in five different sizes, lighted cylinders in five different heights, lighted chairs in different colors, lighted, textured faux rocks and round poly ball lighting accessories.

This innovative seating, serving and sitting area concept combines smooth, contemporary design with sharp visual appeal for a stunning effect that customers, party guests, friends and family will remember for years. Or set the furniture unlit for a sleek, futuristic look and style.

All of the glowing lightable furniture is manufactured from durable, scratch and scuff-resistant, 100% polyethylene to withstand constant use in busy hospitality settings and frequent transport for rental shops. Their light weight permits easy movement, setup and handling by one person and they may be placed inside or outside. A molded-in opening in the bottom of each one allows placement of an LED light, light bulb or other battery operated or electrical lighting product. The LED or other light shines upwards and outwards evenly through the modern plastic material to create the mesmerizing glowing effect and may be switched on and off when the natural, unlit look is desired.

LED's sold separately. A group of lighting product suppliers that offer compatible products is available. Call 888.724.1228.

This Moon Chair is rotationally molded from 100% polyethylene plastic in a contemporary, crescent shape to provide comfortable, contemporary seating that is also waterproof, portable and suitable for placement both indoors and outdoors. No LED required. Order item #50003-7-EP.

Photos courtesy Fortune Products, Inc.
These translucent, plastic poly balls have an opening in the bottom to accept and hide an LED light to shine a dazzling glow or colors. For indoor-outdoor usage, available in 13-, 16-, 24, 30 and 36-inch diameters. LED's sold separately.
This new highboy table and chairs set shines lightrays in your choice of red, white, blue or green with LED lights set inside the translucent furniture. Just flip a switch to create contemporary flair and modern ambiance in restaurants, bars, night clubs, hotels, resorts, fitness centers and other facilities. The table stands 42 inches tall, comes with a 36-inch round polycarbonate table top and black ABS plastic base, plus a stainless steel foot rest encircling the entire table. (does not include footrest)

The illuminated bar stools stand 30 inches tall for comfortable seating at the table. The table and chairs are rotationally molded from 100% waterproof polyethylene for long-term indoor-outdoor installation. They're durable and wipe clean yet light enough for easy movement and transport. Set comes with three, low voltage, battery-powered LED lights in your choice of colors. Wholesale price: $777.50. Please call with zip code for shipping quote. (only one light included)
50004-7-EP 24" Cube $146.70
50001-7-EP 30" CUBE $220.95
50002-7-EP 12 X 12 X 20 REC $64.65
50042-7-EP 21x21x42 TALL CUBE $161.70
52118-7-EP 21" DIA 18" TALL CYLINDER $121.80
52112-7-EP 21" DIA 21" TALL CYLINDER $105.45
52130-7-EP 21" DIA 30" TALL CYLINDER $141.10
52142-7-EP 21" DIA 42" TALL CYLINDER $172.00
52154-7-EP 21" DIA 54" TALL CYLINDER $183.20
52166-7-EP 21" DIA 66" TALL CYLINDER $196.65
52218-7-EP 36" X 36" X 18" TALL CUBE $280.20
52228-7-EP 22" X 22" X 18" TALL CUBE $139.76
52230-7-EP 36" X 36" X 30" TALL CUBE $312.25
52242-7-EP 36" X 36" X 42" TALL CUBE $367.20
52254-7-EP 36" X 36" X 54" TALL CUBE $411.55
52266-7-EP 36" X 36" X 66" TALL CUBE $452.85
50003-7-EP POLY CHAIR $220.70
53013 13" POLY BALL NATURAL $54.40
53016 16" POLY BALL NATURAL $64.55
53024 24" POLY BALL NATURAL $128.55
53030-7 30" POLY BALL NATURAL $162.40
53036-7 36" POLY BALL NATURAL $265.40
53719-7 SMALL ROCK NATURAL EP $87.50
53725-7 POSING ROCK NATURAL EP $107.00
53733-7 LARGE ROCK NATURAL EP  $107.00
50005-7-EP COCKTAIL TABLE $107.95
50005-CWT COCKTAIL TABLE w/ Top $179.80
52142-HBT High Boy Table (w/top, base, silv dots) $410.35
52142-HBT Set High Boy Table (above w/ 2-30" chairs) $777.50
14132 HBT Base $48.10
42142 HBT Footrest $223.00
14125 Table-Top  22" Clear Polycarbonate Circle $60.25
14126 Table-Top  21"x21"x3/8" Square $64.45
14127 Table-Top  24" Clear Polycarbonate Circle 3/8" $79.30
14129 Table-Top  24" Square Clear Polycarbonate 1/4" $68.25
14130 Table-Top  36" Square Clear Polycarbonate 3/8" $322.35
14128 Table-Top  36" Clear Polycarbonate Circle $173.10
14133 Table-Top 24" Sq 3/8" $105.20
14131 Table-Top 36"x18"x3/8"  $145.30
13820 Single Color Light (Red, Blue, White, Green) $85.75
14150 Multi-color Light (includes 4 colors above) $140.25
13815 AC Adapter $14.25
** Mounting Bracket - Chair $16.30
**** Mounting Bracket -  Furniture $19.15
*** Rechargeable Option $152.50

(Rechargeable option above includes: Charger-Switch-Mounting Bracket-Light-Battery)


Meese Orbitron Dunne Company warrants our plastic furniture against defects in its product due to material and workmanship. We strive to provide a product that meets the expectations of our customers. These products are manufactured and sold to be decorative in nature and structure. Due to the process used in manufacturing this product, we do not guarantee that the straightness of the top of the part, or side walls of square or rectangular product. I.E. if required as a table top, we suggest that a solid surface be attached to achieve this requirement. On our cubes and square products, we try to keep the side walls as flat as possible, however, they are meant to be decorative and there can be some slight bowing of the side walls which is normal.

MOD does not warrant against damage due to shipping, and it important to inspect your shipment when it arrives and make note on the Bill of Lading should packages appear to be damaged. Our sales staff will be happy to answer any questions, and or assist you with making the best possible solutions to your application. We thank you for your business.