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Lighting Comes with Oval Colonnade Sets

Full Oval Colonnade Arch System

Let your creativity shine! Our Oval Colonnade Arch System sets come with lighting packages. Shown with fluted, Empire series columns.

Our full and half Oval Colonnade Arch System sets come with lighting packages that allow colorful or white light to light up the columns from inside. Each set includes lightbases that are set inside in the bottom of each column. To change the color, just change the light bulb.

See the Oval Colonnade Arch System sets here.


New In the Photo Gallery

Colonnade Arch system in church by Diane Cooley.

Show off your work in our photo gallery!
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For this church wedding, designer Dianne Cooley, Elegant Creations by Dyana, Atlanta, Ga., reversed the traditional layout of the colonnade arch system quarter circles to set the shapely look of this wedding archway. Diamond ribbon and satin highlight the elegant décor.

See more from Designer Dianne Cooley here.


A Time to Plant

Our planters may be placed almost anywhere, indoors and outdoors.

Our line of planters is rotationally molded from
durable plastic for indoor-outdoor placement.

It's about that time to clean up the landscaping and plant spring gardens. Our planter line includes more than a dozen different planters in large and small sizes for everything from kitchen herb gardens to heavy palm trees.

Since they're rotationally molded from durable plastic and UV-resistant, you can start from seeds indoors and move them outdoors without transplanting to another planter or container.

See planters.
See a garden wedding photo.


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Recent Newsletters

Pet Photos

The surest way to differentiate your professional quality pet photography from what your customers shoot in the park or living room is to integrate a variety of pet-friendly props into the studio setup. Pet-friendly refers to props that:

  1. withstand slobbering and soiling without staining or deteriorating
  2. wipe clean fast and easily between shots
  3. handle paws, claws and minor biting without falling apart
  4. are non-reflective
  5. are safe with no loose, small parts

Pet-friendly props that draw customers in every year to photograph their pets include numerals that serve as a date stamp marking their birthdays. With a set or two of 0-9 in the studio, you're prepared to shoot nearly any pet every year from puppyhood to adulthood for its entire life (pet turtles may require a third set of numerals!).

Tried and true pet-friendly props such as classic, red fire hydrants and antique streetlamps add color and/or height to help set the composition based on the color and size of the pet.

These pet-friendly numerals, streetlamps and the fire hydrant are rotationally molded from waterproof polyethylene plastic to resist scuffs and scratches and wipe clean with a sponge.


Election Year Event Decor

'Tis the season for event planners and rental shop staffers to transform empty banquet rooms, stark municipal facilities and cavernous auditoriums into temporary halls of government with the confidence-inspiring look of the Lincoln Memorial. When it's that time to rally the faithful to vote with their pocketbooks, how you decorate the room and how quickly may be more important than the vacuous speech likely to be presented. See these ideas:

  1. Frame the stage, podium or other area to focus attention on the speakers. This also helps add the intimacy needed to help the speaker connect with the audience. This is effectively done using a row of balustrades.
  2. Set a background behind the speaker. A large poster or flag are commonly used, however, consider decorating a colonnade arch system with red, white and blue drapes and lights for a dazzling take on a traditional look.
  3. Line the walkways with coordinating pedestals. These may be topped by fresh floral bouquets, by wayfinding signage or by small easels holding appropriate photography or artwork.
  4. Establish boundaries using temporary stanchions. Lighter duty stanchions that setup fast work just fine as visual guide for your attendees. Start from outside the facility and continue inside to direct the flow inside the venue.

Successful retailers, restaurateurs and casino operators know to envelope their guests in a theme or setting that relaxes and distracts people and instills comfort in spending. Candidates relying on donations to fuel their campaigns need to apply the same concepts for fundraising success this season.

Outdoor Events: The Summer of all Fears

The importance of celebrating milestones with family and friends hasn't changed, nor has the desire to go big. In fact, in challenging economic times, many people place even greater importance on marking these occasions as they recognize and appreciate the achievements. Then they look for ways to save on the cost without compromising their vision for the event.

In the summer when people enjoy outdoor celebrations, the first place they think to save is the venue. Hosting weddings, graduation parties, sweet sixteen parties and other events in a backyard or park has become commonplace. As a caterer or event planner, this means a variety of challenges your clients may not fully understand. For example:

  • How to set and manage a rain date or indoor plan "B"
  • Determining table sizes, layout and linens
  • Windproofing everything
  • Ensuring the lawn is mowed
  • Preventing unwanted visitors of the buggy variety
  • Trash collection and removal
  • When to involve a rental shop

Help your clients prepare for the unexpected, pull off a successful event and you'll enjoy a client for life, a client who refers business and will certainly call for guidance on the next event, especially when it's a higher margin affair.

Light the Night

Restaurants, bars and clubs opening patios and rooftops for evening events this summer or closing off streets for open partying can create instant sizzle with the flip of a switch.

This line of portable, lightable LED fixtures lights up the night in a dazzling array of colors to capture the attention of passersby and present what may have been an empty parking lot just hours before as a hot, happening event venue. Smooth chairs, cocktail tables, temporary bars and more feature an LED inside that shines through the translucent, waterproof polyethylene material.

Hidden Bolt Design Resists Summer Breeze

You can't see the clever bolt design hiding inside our colonnade arch systems, but you can't see the breeze it resists, either. All of our colonnade arch systems rely on our signature male-female bolt design that fastens each element together for greater strength, stability and resistance to a summer breeze.

America's Next Top Colors: Can You Afford to Follow Fashion?

Top colors for event decor in 2012 range from natural colors and neutrals to bright neons, metallics and monochromatics, according to "Special Event Pros Forecast Color Trends for 2011-2012" from Special Events magazine. Pantone cites the in your face orange Tangerine Tango as 2012's top color. Just last year, it was the very different Honeysuckle. A similar article from 2010, "Special Event Decor Trend Forecast 2010," cited neutrals, gray, soft sand, teal and jade green as top colors with bright accent colors such as canary yellow.

It's costly enough to follow color trends for your own clothing or your children's clothing. Just how could it be possible for a rental shop, banquet hall or event company to update its linens, décor, props and other products every year to stay in tune with changing fashions?

It isn't.

While hot color palettes come and go, versatility is always in fashion. That's why neutrals show up in the trends more frequently than Tangerine Tango and that's why savvy wedding and event planners continue to use the traditional white décor. White, ivory and other neutral colors can be draped, lit and/or covered in flowers in whatever color is in fashion.

Arches in Three Different Styles

Versatility transcends color. Traditional colonnade arch systems with fluted columns may be setup with a choice of straight or angled arches. Or mix and match the columns using different heights to better suit the wedding couple, or different styles to better suit the event style. The same basic arch system may be changed from traditional to contemporary in style without investing in an entirely new system.

By The Numbers

Ok, we manufactured too many two's! Too bad for us but too good for our customers. These extra two's are now on sale along with every other numeral in stock at 15 percent off wholesale prices while supplies last.

Setup Like a Bridal Expo for Rental Sales

Many event planners know how to transform a blank, white colonnade arch system into a decorative focal point for an otherwise empty banquet room or cavernous church space. But many brides and their family wedding entourages don't have that expertise and have trouble envisioning how it may look. That makes it a tougher sale. Some may even fear the responsibility of decorating it for such an important occasion.

To overcome this issue and boost rentals of these arch systems, columns, pedestals and accessories, just show these customers a dazzling example of how it looks after it has been lavishly decorated, such as this one by Will Hall, Your Wedding Solution, Balto, MD. Consider setting up your event rental area as if you were setting up at a bridal expo. Call it a showroom.

Setup and decorate one full-size colonnade arch system. Drape it, light it. Then update it with the seasons, change the color scheme, put fresh flowers in the floral urns. If your shop has a retail style window, be sure it's visible from the street and shine spotlights on it to capture attention.

A sizzling visual display creates the emotional impact upon entering the building that helps close an easy rental sale.

Pick a Number, Any Number

Well, 2012 came and went and we're still here except our warehouse is filled with two's and we're already manufacturing three's and four's for this year and for 2014 new year's eve parties.

So take 10% off any numeral two's while supplies last. If you haven't seen them in person, these numerals stand nearly two feet tall and are ideal as photo, theater and party props.

Valentine's Day Décor Photos

Before setting up 99 red balloons, think about using a variety of reds and pinks and complementing them with black and white to keep the lush red from overpowering your guests.

Mix and match questions with your Display Collection arches and columns? Just call 888.724.1228.

New Tall Arch For Tall Brides, Grooms

Anyone who has ever shopped for a car and stands over six feet tall must be convinced cars are designed by elves. You just can't get a Corolla extra tall edition. But for wedding planners, photographers and rental shops with taller brides and grooms, you can get a colonnade extra tall edition.

Just take our colonnade arch systems and replace the standard, six-foot tall columns with our seven-foot tall columns such as the Empire Series #884. Setup stays the same - quick and easy. This creates extra headroom for the wedding couple, creates more options for framing the wedding photos and visually fills out venues with high ceilings, volume spaces or large stages. Plus, the extra tall arch system works just as well with wedding couples that don't reach six feet tall for extra versatility.

Waterproof, Outdoor Seating

When it's time to setup outdoor seating for restaurants, clubs, hotels and banquet facilities, pulling last year's furniture becomes an exercise in weight lifting and in mold and insect removal. These outdoor seating options were developed to eliminate such annual hassles.

The classic, Graeco-Roman styled garden bench and contemporary- smooth Moon Chair are rotationally molded from 100 percent, waterproof polyethylene. One person can easily pick them up and move them as needed, they don't harbor mold or bacteria and wipe clean with a sponge. They also last year after year whether seasonally stored or left in place year-round.

Call 888.724.1228 to order.

Decorating Arch System Starts with Location, Location, Location

Decorating a colonnade arch system to be the focal point of a wedding ceremony demands far more artistry than most wedding guests understand. While most wedding planners, brides and guests focus on the color scheme, lighting and other sizzle factors, the most important consideration, according to ace wedding planner Will Hall of Your Wedding Solution is the location. For example:

  • Walls, especially those behind the arch system, are going to be a distraction and will need to be blocked from view to focus attention on the bride and groom. Set up a pipe and drape as a backdrop behind the arch system, just like the back of a trade show booth.
  • Ceilings that are low will guide you to using six-foot columns while very high ceilings need seven-foot columns to create a more vertical look and help fill the overhead space.
  • Doors and other entries need to be considered. Note the room layout and traffic flow and arrange the colonnade arch system to face the main entry. This ensures the front is seen immediately upon walking through the door for a striking first impression.

Latest Halloween Decor Lights the Night

Mix and match these lightable cubes, cylinders and other shapes! Arrange them in a variety of stacks and configurations - indoors and outdoors - that shine with colorful, glowing effects and spooky shadows to thrill trick-or-treaters and show off the latest decor for your Halloween party.

The colored or white light comes from an LED light set inside each cube and cylinder. It shines through the translucent plastic material to draw extra attention at night and in low-light conditions.

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