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How-to part II:
Configuring the arch system

The tried and true colonnade arch system setup sets four, fluted, Graeco-Roman style columns between two quarter circles top and bottom with their ends pointing towards the guests. The central arch marries them into a single unit. For very small venues, this setup alone provides an entirely appropriate configuration.

colonnade arch system
Photo courtesy Will Hall, Your Wedding Soution

But don’t feel wedded to this setup. As the venues get larger, the colonnade arch system needs to be expanded to keep attention, focus eyes on the bridal party and fill volume spaces. Here are some ideas:

Extend Sideways
Set fluted pedestals that coordinate with the columns symmetrically on either side of the arch system. For visual effect, the pedestal heights may get smaller and smaller as they get farther and farther away from the center.

Also, place floral urns on top of these pedestals to raise the height. If a pipe and drape backdrop is being used behind the arch system then be sure the pedestals extend to the ends of the backdrop but not beyond the ends.

Extend Down the Aisle
Think about visual depth by setting the coordinating pedestals down the runway or aisle. They may be topped by candles, vases or floral displays and this joins the entire seating area with the bridal stage as a single unit.

Turn it Around
For an uncommonly interesting look, the entire arch system may be reversed. Just rotate the traditional layout 180 degrees so the curves face towards the guests. Or, reverse two of the four quarter circles to create an S-shape, or add a third set of quarter circles to extend the width of the wedding arch.

For more ideas, click here for the entire e-guide, "How to Decorate a Colonnade Arch System" with free pdf download.

Also, see arch system choices here.


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number base

When pre-orders begin for the 2015 New Year’s sets, we’ll announce it here and on our Facebook page.

More photos and pricing on numbers here.

See Winter Weddings in the Photo Gallery.


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Join the Prop, Décor & Display Ideas newsletter

Prop, Décor & Display Ideas is published by Meese Orbitron Dunne, Ashtabula, OH; 888.724.1228. Copyright 2008 Meese, Inc. May not be reprinted without permission. Feel free to forward to friends and colleagues.