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Each numeral in the set is nearly two feet tall, measuring 19-1/2" in height by 11-1/2" wide by 7-1/2" deep for visual impact and dramatic effect.

  • Enliven events, parties
  • Create date stamp for school, team, family reunion pictures
  • Decorate offices, hotels, restaurants, atria
  • Merchandise retail displays
  • Use as prop for catalog, studio photography
  • Design striking stages and sets

These numerals are available in white or black millstone with a glossy finish and are available in custom colors in quantity. They are rotationally molded in one, seamless piece from durable polyethylene to resist bumps, scratches and scuffs. But don't be fooled by their strength.They're also lightweight for easy movement and stable to prevent tipping. They are UV-resistant and waterproof and may be used in virtually any indoor or outdoor setting without fading, discoloring or cracking.

2008 number base
This 2008 New Year's Numerals set showcases our new Black Millstone color. Choose Black Millstone or White or mix and match at the same price.
2007 number base
Our signature New Year's Numerals set comes complete with a numeral two, a zero, a one, another two and a platform base.
Style # Description* Price
2000 Numeral Prop - #0 $70.40
2001 Numeral Prop - #1 $70.40
2002 Numeral Prop - #2 $70.40
2003 Numeral Prop - #3 $70.40
2004 Numeral Prop - #4 $70.40
2005 Numeral Prop - #5 $70.40
2006 Numeral Prop - #6 $70.40
2007 Numeral Prop - #7 $70.40
2008 Numeral Prop - #8 $70.40
2009 Numeral Prop - #9 $70.40
2011 Number Base - Single Numeral $67.35
2012 Number Base - Two Numerals $75.35
2014 Number Base - Four Numerals $99.70