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Take the hassle out of the party planning process for caterers, photographers, professional planners, florists and homeowners with durable, virtually forever-lasting party products.

Rotationally molded from polyethylene, these pedestals, risers and floral displays resist scratches and dents to go from shop to party and back again without a mark. Their light weight makes it easy.

And since they are immune to water, ice and snow, they can be stored indoors or outdoors to save precious selling space.

Click image for larger version.

Just for you, we are offering the Party/Rental Shop Starter Pack. Featuring the essential tools for a memorable party that sets up and breaks down in an instant, the starter pack includes:

  • Colonnade system for transportable photo location
  • Urns to integrate floral bouquets and plants into buffet displays
  • Classic columns to display urns, plants and sculptures
  • Dual balustrades for wedding party separation, define photo locations and divide open rooms
  • Garden bench for serene photo location or essential outdoor event sitting area
"My name is Joshua Ruiz, I am the Owner of Elegant Décor out of NC. We recently purchased the party/rental starter pack from your company, and I must say that we are having much success with it. We have had several people calling about this set up, and we pretty much have this booked all the time."
Party/Rental Shop Starter Pack:
  • Column Arch System 600 x 4; 648 x 4; 618 x 1
  • Empire Series Column 32" 832 x 2
  • Empire Series Column 40" 840 x 2
  • Classic Urn 14" 416 x 4
  • Balustrade 548 x 2
  • Garden Bench 352 x 1
Own the entire set for $2,834.05 plus shipping. Call 888.724.1228 to order.